Whether you're a first-time student learning your first brass instrument, or you're looking to develop your skills, private instruction is a great way to accelerate your learning while avoiding any bad habits that can develop from self-teaching.

Kalin is currently accepting new students on all brass instruments. Sessions are available in 60 and 90 minute "time slots." For beginners, I recommend 40-60 minute sessions that include both instrument technique and music theory (reading) aspects.

Use the following form to request more information or setup your first session! Lessons may be conducted online (via Zoom), in your own home*, or in a mutually-agreed location (in the Denver/Boulder metro area). Kalin may provide lesson materials as needed, or work with you on your music of choice. *Note: Special precautions can be arranged for in-home lessons to ensure everyone's health and safety, but lessons via Zoom may be simpler.

  • Pricing Details:
    • 60-90 Minutes (intermediate/advanced): $50
    • 40-60 Minutes (beginner/intermediate): $35
    • Discounts for prepayment
  • Session Types:
    • General Music Training
    • Area-specific development
    • Recital Preparation
  • Student Provides:
    • Instrument
    • Mouthpiece
    • Willingness to learn!

Methods and Systems of Instruction

My lesson plans are personalized for each student, and cover everything from theory and fundamentals, music literacy (sight reading), performance materials, and practice methods. I lean heavily on the experts, and would recommend the following books for students of any level:

  • Practicing With a Purpose, by David Kish
  • Sound Innovations for Concert Band, by Sheldon, et al
  • Arban, Blazhevich, Bordogni and Kopprasch etudes

For beginning band students, I primarily use the Standard of Excellence book series by Bruce Pearson, but I also provide extensive original materials I have developed as well.

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